Here is some customer FEEDBACK about our service.

Benditer Jr VIP and Donor on BHW.

It’s working good especially because integration with myadtools bots is very easy. I also notice that response time on average is very fast (less than 10 secs). I will definitely use it in future.

To add to my previous revie

w…I asked the guy to provide a way to integrate captcha solving to imacros and he did so in less than 24 hrs as per his promise. And I kinda refer his way of integration more than the way captchabot service can be integrated to imacros.

Great service. A++

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Afflicted Canada

Cheapest captcha solving(bypass) service out there.

It is VERY fast – a lot faster than any other service I’ve experienced.

I haven’t experienced downtime at all or any decreased solving speeds.

Solves at 95%+ like above poster said.

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Botwiz  Administrator/Site Owner, postiingpunk.

My review thus far is I have been able to get consecutive response times with clad in under 10 seconds flat using this captcha service. Hopefully as you retain more clients you can keep that speed, because that just makes posting that much more of a breeze. Thanks for the free 1k, will be purchasing more soon.

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truepals forever  india

My Review:

humancoder  was very helpful in assisting me to integrate their access key in my bots.

As I started, I was amazed to see the response speed and 93%+ correct captchas.

Definitely A+ service and support!

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Bompa  Global Moderator, syndk8

I am solving my own captchas with my own code left and right, (read, one so far lol),

so based on schneippy’s review, I signed up today because I have one situation where

recaptcha is involved.

It is simple to integrate with perl and probably any language with the basic http request.

In less than one minute I was able to get my balance.  :)

If the rest goes so smooth…

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sciborg Jr VIP and Donor on BHW.

Excellent Service

Response time was EXCELLENT, faster then decpatcha

Price is best on market

Customer support is A+

I am definite a full time customer now  :)

Highly recommend!

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stepen  Spain

My review:

Great service! I’m really impressed and i loves to use it as my primary solver. sometime i solved 800-1000 captcha per minute, it was faster more then normal, i realize that, if they get enough image to solve that response time will less then 8 sec. please continue the great service. its the best once i have experienced.

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