Frequently Asked Questions

Hello. I need captcha bypass.How does your service help me with?

Our service is dedicated to CAPTCHA bypass. You can integrate our service in any software. It�s easy. With our service you will never have to worry about captchas again. Our site can help you with captcha bypass from any site as each captcha is solved by humans to provide quick and accurate captcha responses

Hi! I want to bypass captcha from my bots.Bots have different IPs.Is it possible to use your service from many IPs?

We have no restrictions about IP: with com you can bypass CAPTCHA from as many IPs as you need.

Hi. I need to crack captcha.Do you provide a captcha decoders? CAPTCHA solving is processed by humans. So the accuracy is much better than an automated one

Hi guys. Can you make an advert program for me for *****.com?
Yes, Contact us and we'll discuss it.
Can I solve captchas in many threads?
Yes, you can.CAPTCHA solving can be parallelized.
Are you trying to find a captcha crack?

Captcha cracks are no longer operational as captchas themselves have become too difficult to solve and all the previous captcha cracks have been rendered useless.Thus you need the best alternative, which is our service as we provide the same service as a captcha crack but the captcha instead is being solved by human operators who are both quick and accurate.

How does Humancoder break captchas?

Our site has specially trained captcha operators who are standing by 24/7 to provide your captcha needs.You are given a key upon signup and upload your key along with our captcha and within seconds your captcha is correctly answered.

How do i use your service to bypass captchas?
Please refer to GET API for more information.